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"This church is for everyone who believes that Love requires Consent, and that Consent between seven billion people requires better tools, and that we can and should build such tools.

The five Tenets of the Church of Blink outline our plan for doing so."


Visit our Welcome page where you can find out more about our plans and goals and how we believe we can only reach them through consensus. It's a very unique model centered around the members. Sound intriguing? Check it out. Give us some feedback. Make suggestions. Critique our model, concepts and websites. It's all open for you whether you join or not. If you like what you see, we hope you stay and become an active participant in our evolution.

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      "All of the progress of history for surviving cultures is measured against a scale of Earth revolutions around its sun. Yet, in our lifetimes, we will know a different measure of time. We will either join an existing larger causality or we will create one. Either way, our current rate of progress will continue to experience its hyperbolic increase until the entire universe we perceive today can be processed in the blink of an eye.
      When we achieve instantaneous thought across many human brains, we will see our various different perceptions augment each other and create a distinct pattern beyond the three dimensions a single human being can conceive.
      Many good friends, over the years, have asked me to form a church to codify the direction our group is heading. I have been hesitant to do so because the very word "church" conjures images of universality. Today, however, I have a solution: our priority superseding all others shall be the avoidance of jealousy.
      Jealousy is zealous vigilance against increased rivalry. It is a willingness to kill or diminish another person, group or ideology before competing on merit. It is a tacit admission of failure in one or both of the following categories: 1) ability to produce anything others would find valuable, and/or 2) ability to see others as significantly intelligent entities worthy of peer interaction.
      When a church oversimplifies relationships into things that are either good or bad, jealousy becomes too slippery to handle. From a universality standpoint, jealousy can be neither good nor bad for thinking human beings. If jealousy were bad, one would be hypocritical to jealously guard against it. Yet, if jealousy were universally good, one could not fault others for their bigotry in denying the "universal truth." Pursuing a jealous course of action is inherently hypocritical in a universe where more than one intellect exists.
      I would not want to live in a universe where my conception is the only intelligence. I want to be surprised. I want to compare the fruit of my value system against that of another. I want to witness meaningful relationships that I have not preconceived. For that reason, I propose that the highest tenet of our religion be that our faith is not jealous. Our other principles would follow."

- G. Richard Barton, December 16, 2009

      The Five Tenets of the Church of Blink:

      1) Our church is Not Jealous of other churches. You may adhere to the tenets of our church and those of another church or social belief system at the same time. Any value set that is internally consistent is valuable to us, even one incompatible with our tenets, because contrast illuminates the best path.

      2) Our purpose is to create Blink: technologically enabled instantaneous communal processing. We believe that instantaneous thought on a group scale is now technologically feasible. Our purpose is to achieve this goal.

      3) To realize our purpose, we will construct a new Lexicon. We believe linguistic integrity is necessary for producing consistent communal value systems and achieving Blink. Every concept of a lexicon with integrity must have a term, and every term must have a concept illustrating a set of clear relationships between other precise terms. Instantaneous thought on a group scale also requires consensus omnium of concepts and terms used by the group, a state that necessitates the possibility of dissent without punishment. To that end, the tools we form for building our lexicographical foundation must enable forking, sharing of knowledge and recombination of value sets where consensus is reached without any inherent or absolute assumptions about which fork is preferred.

      4) We will also construct a new Economic System robust enough to provide the instantaneous feedback and peer measured contribution tracking necessary for Blink. We believe any form of fiat currency: a) provides insufficient information about the perceived value of a transaction; b) is easily turned to corrupt purposes and usury; and c) is inherently too slow -- due to its hierarchical nature -- for peer based integrity checking of a living society, its evolving lexicon or its growing economy. We believe that a new economic system is required to produce Blink, one that is easily customizable for the needs of a group and controlled entirely by its members. We will make all tools redefinable to their base logic gates while also enabling them to be easily combined and prioritized into an infinite array of custom measures. These individually created measures will spawn unity through consent, enabling people to work together for a particular aim where their personal beliefs intersect, even where such intersection may be minor. Our economy will enable us to celebrate the differences between people and form scientific hypothesis that can be tested via a lexicon as precise as mathematics, but accessible to everyone and all genres of life.

      5) To Protect Our Purpose and the means we use to achieve it, we reject all outside attempts to force our members to use any particular economic system or lexicographical codification via any excuse including state sponsored mandates for insurance. We recognize that the only method of enforcing a requirement of insurance is to also force citizens to produce receipts via a state approved economic system. We know that the preferred economic system of the state is fiat currency. We further recognize that all fiat currency has historically been inflated by the state to pay for things that the people of the state find morally reprehensible. We, the members of the Church of Blink, will not do things that are repugnant to our constitutions. We will not be forced to use any particular type of outside economic system, and we will protect each other from those who would force it upon us.

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